Patient information

  • First Appointment

    You will need to bring with you to your appointment the following:

    • Doctors Referral letter (if this has not already been sent directly to the practice)
    • Medicare/DVA and Health Fund cards if you have not completed the New Patient Registration Form
    • A copy of your current medications – if this has not been registered on your New Patient Registration Form
    • Any Medical Imaging reports or test results
    • If you are paying cash for your consultation, please bring the correct money.
  • Hervey Bay Location & Parking

    We are located in St Stephens Private Hospital.  Make your way from the main entrance doors towards the coffee shop.  You will see a set of stairs on your left hand side (elevator underneath).  Proceed to the first floor, at the top of the stairs or when you get out of the lift, turn left and follow the corridor down to the Consulting Suites.  This is a little way along and is next to the Stellar suites.

    Carparking is available directly outside St Stephens or at the back there is a large carpark that can be used free of charge.

  • Sydney Location & Parking
  • Surgical Details

    This practice goes to great lengths to provide our patients with an estimate of likely costs you will be required to pay for your in-hospital procedure. Unless otherwise stated, these costs do not include services provided by other Doctors, such as Anaesthetists, Surgical Assistants or Pathologists, or other costs associated with your planned treatment such as accommodation, pharmacy or physiotherapy.

    Dr Sivananthan sets his own fees. If you have any questions regarding these fees, please do not hesitate to ask. The fees include the cost of aftercare from Dr Sivananthan as an inpatient following your procedure. Your post-operative appointment (initial appointment in rooms after surgery) will be free of charge.

  • Surgical Assistant/Anaesthetist Fees:

    In the majority of operations, a surgical assistant may be required. The assistant’s fee is usually one-fifth of the surgeon’s fees for the operation. Some surgical procedures do not attract a Medicare benefit for the assistant’s fee, despite requiring the presence of an assistant. With regards to Anaesthetic services, you will need to speak with the Anaesthetist to establish any applicable fees.

  • Hospital and Additional Costs:

    It is essential that you contact the Hospital quoting the relevant item number/s detailed on the estimate to establish their charge. This payment will be required on your admission on the date of your surgery. During your surgery, based on your specific clinical need, a prosthesis (an implanted medical device) may be required and there may be a charge for this. Dr Sivananthan will explain why the device may provide a better health outcome.

  • Operation:

    In an emergency or if unforeseen circumstances should arise during the procedure it may be necessary to arrange additional medical services, or use a different costlier prosthetic device. If this occurs there may be additional costs to you that are not covered by the estimate.

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